Why Is Instagram Not Showing Last Active: Here’s How to Turn Activity On

Have you ever encountered a glitch with Instagram activity status that left you asking how to turn Last Active on Instagram so that your friends’ last activity is visible? Or perhaps, figuring out ways to fix issues related to the platform’s tracking of its users has been something worth researching. In this blog post, we are going into depth about what it means for an account’s “activity status” and any reasons why there could be gaps in last seen information. Solutions along with tips will help address these matters while keeping yourself connected through accurate up-to-date data regarding user activities within Instagram.

Understanding Instagram Active Status

Instagram activity status helps users understand when their contacts are active on the platform, giving them an important tool for initiating communication and troubleshooting any potential issues. There could be times when there could be times of doubt. That this technology may malfunction, causing it not to display accurate information.

Active On Instagram

For instance, if a message is sent in Direct Messages of Instagram, one can determine how busy the recipient might be by viewing what’s at the top of the list as well as monitoring their current activity level.

How to View Activity Status

If users want to see someone else’s activity status on Instagram, they can use two main clues: profile pictures and direct messages. A green dot on the profile image shows that the user is currently active in the app. Beneath each username is a timestamp of when that particular person was last online, this indicates their most recent action within Instagram.

It should also be noted though that people have to previously communicate via Direct Messages before being able to track another user’s activity state. Hence, it requires both parties engaging through private conversation or exchange of messages from inside an individual’s inbox as well as other platforms for gathering up information related with current usage by one entity over Instgramm itself.

Limitations of Activity Status

Instagram’s activity status is very useful, yet it does come with certain restrictions. Among them are privacy concerns, the trustworthiness of seeing “active yesterday” rather than a specific time, as well as viewing only 25 people’s activity statuses at once.

This means that if you haven’t interacted with someone in some time on Instagram, their activity will not be visible to others via its platform. Users can choose to have complete control over who sees this information by adjusting their setting preferences such as turning off the “activity status toggle”.

Because of these constraints related to user and device settings, accuracy regarding one’s active state may vary when observing another person’s private conversations online specifically for Instagram users.

Reasons for Missing Last Active Status

Trying to figure out why certain users don’t show a last active status on Instagram can be difficult. Having knowledge of the possible explanations, such as not being mutual followers or having restricted accounts and disabled activity statuses, can help you identify where the problem lies and how to fix it in order maintain an accurate profile activity status for your own account.

Being conscious of these factors could prove useful when navigating solutions towards resolving any issues with updating Instagram’s active display.

Not Following Each Other

When the user you are following on Instagram doesn’t follow back, then their last active status can remain invisible to you, no matter whether they have disabled or enabled it. That is why this issue of “instagram not showing last” comes up for many users when dealing with friends’ activity statuses who don’t return the favor of a mutual connection.

The only way around this restriction that Instagram has implemented is by making sure all parties involved in conversations mutually interact and enjoy each other’s content: meaning both must be actively tracking one another’s posts!

This explains why seeing an accurate “last active” indicator depends on two-way communication between the two users. Because if there isn’t such reciprocation happening, then you will experience difficulties accessing everyone’s latest status updates due to the InstaHide functionality at play here.

Disabled Activity Status

It is important to check your own settings when it comes to activity status and make sure you have not deactivated your visible “Last Active” information. Otherwise, neither yours nor someone else’s active status will be seen on Instagram regardless of the chosen options for this particular setting. This can influence one’s ability to view others’ last active stats as well as their own online presence.

Thus, always double-check that all selected configurations related to a person or account are validly set up before moving forward with other tasks regarding anyone’s visibility on Instagram features such as Last Active Status.

Profile Restrictions and Blocks

It is possible for someone to make themselves invisible with regards to their activity status on Instagram, as profile restrictions and blocks can play a role in this.

If you have been restricted or blocked by the user, it may be accessible from your direct inbox but no messages will be able to be sent nor any indication of when they were last active viewable. To double-check if that individual has indeed blocked you then search for them via Instagram, lack of results pointing towards an affirmative answer.

In such situations, unfortunately there isn’t much one can do about viewing the person’s latest status since these settings are down at their own discretion regarding privacy preferences.

Solutions to Fix Instagram Active Status Issues

It’s time to look at ways of addressing Instagram activity status problems. To fix such issues and keep tabs on when your friends are online, you should start by troubleshooting the app itself. Enabling this setting in the app plus clearing cache and then reinstalling can help with resolving common faults concerning active statuses quickly.

These measures all involve simple steps that will let you stay connected via Instagram effectively.

Troubleshoot the Instagram App

For any potential issues with Instagram’s activity status, the best solution is to troubleshoot the app itself. This can involve updating it to its latest version and clearing out any old data by force-stopping and restarting from scratch via closing it in Recents view followed up by reopening.

Doing this regularly can help make sure your experience of Instagram runs smoothly whilst also preventing glitches regarding how accurately activity statuses are displayed within the platform.

Enable Your Activity Status

If you are experiencing issues with Instagram activity status, a simple way to fix the problem is adjusting your Privacy settings. Go to your profile and open up the “Privacy” tab where there will be an option labeled “Show Activity Status”.

You can toggle this switch either on or off – if it’s enabled other users will see when was the last time that you were active. But bear in mind that disabling this feature means losing track of others’ activities as well. It’s important then that all individuals wanting their information kept private should pay special attention so they don’t reveal more than what they intend without even knowing about it!

Clear Cache and Reinstall Instagram

If the activity status is not showing correctly on your Instagram app, it could be due to temporary files in the device’s cache. To resolve this issue for Android users, head into Settings > Apps or Apps & notifications and select Instgram. Then access Storage & Cache and tap Clear Cache, iPhone users need to uninstall then reinstall their app instead. Doing so should result in a more accurate display of user statuses within the platform!


Becoming familiar with the details of Instagram activity status can hugely improve your experience. Keeping in mind any glitches and restrictions will allow you to find solutions for fixing such issues. This includes checking up on app updates, trying reinstalling the app if needed, looking through settings once again and clearing out data so that friends are able to see when one is active.

Having an ongoing conversation also helps ensure a reliable stream of communication regarding these statuses allowing users full access into their social circle within Instagram’s platform. By taking these steps and following the advice offered above it makes possible meaningful connections while using this popular service without facing difficulties surrounding tracking those involved parties’ activity levels.

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