Why Is Instagram Not Showing Last Active: Here’s How to Turn Activity On

Activity On Instragram

Have you ever encountered a glitch with Instagram activity status that left you asking how to turn Last Active on Instagram so that your friends’ last activity is visible? Or perhaps, figuring out ways to fix issues related to the platform’s tracking of its users has been something worth researching. In this blog post, we … Read more

How To Share Facebook Videos On Whatsapp?

The emergence of social media and its rise in popularity has resulted in several people adopting it in their daily routine, not just as a fleeting pastime, but also to conduct several business and workplace discussions. Two major contenders in this field that have made a huge impact are Facebook and Whatsapp. Several people post … Read more

The easiest of ways to clear your search history on Instagram

What is Instagram?  Instagram was an app that was launched in late 2010 as a means of sharing photos and videos with the rest of the world using a variety of attractive filters like Earlybird, 1975, and many more. The application hit a seldom seen hike of 1 million users in two months, with the … Read more