How To Share Facebook Videos On Whatsapp?

The emergence of social media and its rise in popularity has resulted in several people adopting it in their daily routine, not just as a fleeting pastime, but also to conduct several business and workplace discussions. Two major contenders in this field that have made a huge impact are Facebook and Whatsapp. Several people post their videos and photos on Facebook to be liked and shared by the public, either on their timelines or on other social media.

To share a Facebook video on Whatsapp, you will need to have both Facebook and Whatsapp installed on your devices for these methods to work.

1.    Share directly to Whatsapp:

Facebook provides its users with the option to directly share the link to any video either on their platform, or any other app of your choice. To do so, you must open the video you want to share and click on the “Share” button present on the bottom right corner of the video, right beside two other options, i.e. “Like and “Comment”.

After doing so, you will get a small prompt on your screen, where you can write a caption for the video if you wish to repost it on Facebook itself, along with a “Share Now” button. Right below that, you will be able to see several choices for sharing the video link on other sites, Whatsapp being one of them. Simply tap on the Whatsapp option, and you will be redirected to the app, where you can select the chat or group you wish to send the link to, after which you need to click on the send button, and voila! The video has been shared amongst your friends for them to enjoy.

2.    Download the video and share via Whatsapp:

If you want to share the entire video from Facebook on Whatsapp and not just a link, you will need to download a third-party app on your device which provides you with the option to download videos, since Facebook does not give its users the option of downloading videos onto the device as of yet.      

 To use such apps, you will first need to copy the link of the video, which can be done very easily. On the top right corner of your video, you will notice three vertical dots. On clicking that, you will be presented with multiple options, one of them saying “copy link”. Tap on the button, and the link to the video will automatically get copied to your clipboard. Now open the third party app, and paste the link. After doing so, there will be a download button visible, and clicking on it will save the video locally on your device.

Now you can easily share the video on Whatsapp by adding it as an attachment along with any appropriate caption of your choice or simply as a stand-alone message.

A few recommended apps for downloading Facebook videos are:

  1. Video Downloader for Facebook:

This app allows you to download HD videos from Facebook for free at a very fast speed. Multiple videos can be downloaded at the same time, and are later saved on the app too, and watched offline due to its inbuilt video player. The downloads can be cancelled, paused, and restarted later as per your convenience.


  1. HD Video Downloader for Facebook:

This Facebook video downloader is a simple, easy to use, and reliable app with several user-friendly features that make it a good choice. It allows you to download videos in both standard and high definition and gives you the option of saving the videos directly to your SD Card. It can share videos instantly to Whatsapp or other platforms right from the app itself.


  1. FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook:

This app not only allows you to download videos through a very simple user interface but even gives you the option of browsing your timeline through a secure, built-in browser. Through this feature, you can browse through videos and choose the one that you like right in the app itself without the hassle of toggling through several apps over and over again. It also lets you share videos with other platforms directly.


During the current situation with the pandemic, usage of social media to communicate with separated loved ones has increased a hundredfold. A single silly video or an informative clip may be the distraction needed to get through these trying times. By using the aforementioned procedures, you can share any video from Facebook to Whatsapp with minimal hassle, and bring a smile upon the faces of your near and dear ones.  

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