How to hide/delete seen from the Instagram story?

Since the Instagram Stories feature came out, many have been struggling with how to hide their IG Story’s seen from another account. When one wants to watch someone’s story but does not want to be a part of the viewer’s list, there are certain things you can do. On the other side, if you have viewed someone else’s Story and now want to remove the seen tag, there are certain things you can do.

  • Deleting or Undoing an already seen Story

If you have watched by accident, another user’s story and are looking to delete your seen from the viewer’s list or not notify the account holder, then:  

  1. Open the IG app.
  2. Select the “Profile Avatar” 
  3. Select the “3 dots” icon from the screen’s top right.
  4. Choose the “Block” option and “Confirm” it.
  5. Blocking the holder of the story Deletes your view.

After you unblock the user, your view will appear right back. So you should block the person until their story expires. Which lasts a maximum of 24 hours.

The method can be used for both Android and IOS software. 

  • Watching stories without notifying
  •  Viewing  other’s Instagram Stories without notifying them on Android / iPhone / Mac / PC Browser
You can use a third-party tool for this, as otherwise, it can get very taxing. For making it faster and easier, you can use the Web App StoryHoot”.
You can use it by:
  1. Open any Browser and go to “Application” on your device (sign-in is  not needed)
  2. Type in the username of the person you want to view the story of and “submit”.
  3. Select the Box with all the user details. If the person has a public account you will see all the Media files along with the shared story.
  4. Select the Download option and view the story.

There are numerous benefits of using storyhoot like the fact that You will not need to install an additional app on your phone, No Sign-in is required, ability to View Stories without following the user and it runs on any browser.

If you are working with an iOS, you can download “Story Reposter”. Also get more instagram likes by buying instagram likes from champmarketer.

  • Watching someone’s IG Story without letting them know on the Web

This way, you can view the stories of the Private Instagram accounts that you follow, without notifying them. Install the Chrome browser and then: Steps to watch someone’s IG Story without notifying

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your system
  2. Select on the Three Vertical dots menu and then choose the “More Tool option”.
  3. Choose the relevant Extensions and Visit the Web Store
  4. Now, search for the “IG Stories for Instagram” and choose the “Add Chrome” (it lets you view IG stories on your PC)
  5. Post that, open IG Web and enter your credentials to Sign in to your account. 
  6. When the installation of the extensions is successful, then the Stories will appear at the top of the page.
  7. Click on the Story of the person you wish to view.
  8. You will be redirected to another page to view the Story in full screen and the users will not be notified of the view of their story
  • Viewing someone’s Stories Privately on an Android App

If you are using  Instagram on an Android device and want to see someone’s IG story privately, then : 

  1. Download and install the “Story Save by YOBA” app from the Play Store.
  2. Log in to your account from the app
  3. It will show you all the stories of all the people you are following
  4. Next, select the Profile / Name of the user, not the image
  5. Select the Profile photo and go to the IG app
  6. You will be redirected to the page where all their stories will be shown.
  7. Long press on the story you want to view or Swipe left if you do not want to.
  8. The app will Hide your Seen status from the other stories
  9. One can also view the Stories of the users they are not followed by searching the Username of the profile.
  • Viewing Instagram Stories without following and notifying the users on iOS Devices

If you are using Instagram on your iOS Device and want to see someone else’s IG story without following them and, more importantly,  letting them know, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to App Store on your phone and install “Repost Story” for iOS App. It is a Free Application.
  2. Log in to your IG Account through this App
  3. On proceeding, you will be able to view the Stories of all the people you are following
  4. Choose the Profile icon of the person you want to see the story of
  5. You will be able to see all the Active stories of the people you follow and you can select on any Single story ( Video or Photo) to watch
  6. It will appear on the full screen on the next page.
  7. This Application allows you to watch the stories of even those people you are not following. 
  8. If you want to do that, then enter in the Search bar, the credentials, and Username of the person you are looking for.
  9. Select the one you were looking for, from the list that the app generates
  10. Then you can see their stories without notifying the IG account owner

Unfortunately for all of us crazy albeit healthy anonymous stalkers, Instagram itself does not offer an option for its users to hide their seen status on Instagram stories. But thanks to the technology, there are some ways you can get around it by signing in to your Instagram account from third party apps that are available online, and in this way, you can watch other people’s stories discreetly, behind closed doors. Entre nous, as some of us prefer it! 

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